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List all colleges, universities or trade schools you have attended or are currently enrolled in:(Arrange to have official transcripts from accredited academic institutions that you have attended mailed directly to the Admissions office at PIHMA.)

Prerequisites and Corequisites

PIHMA requires the following prerequisites and co-requisites: Biology (3 credits, co-requisite), Chemistry (3 credits, co-requisite), Psychology (3 credits, prerequisite), English (3 credits, prerequisite), Organic Chemistry (3 credits, co-requisite) . Have you taken the following?

ESSAYS GUIDELINES: Please write 400 words to address any two of the following

1. Why are you pursuing an education in Oriental Medicine? What does oriental Medicine mean to you personally and professionally? Why do you want to become a practitioner in either acupuncture or Oriental Medicine? Describe the events that led you to this decision.
2. Describe the characteristics of what you believe to be a model practitioner in either acupuncture or Oriental Medicine. Of these characteristics, which do you feel most strongly about? How do you feel your characteristics relate to this ideal? Characteristics to include intellectual potential, study habits, problem solving skills, psychological maturity, integrity, self-discipline, professional judgment, empathy, communication skills, concern for aiding others, intellectual curiosity and enthusiasm, motivation, leadership skills, experience with and knowledge of medicine, and English competency.
3. Describe a significant professional or personal accomplishment and what personal resource or qualities you used to accomplish these results.
4. Write about how you anticipate your lifestyle will change in order to participate in and successfully complete this program.


Official Transcripts

You will need to submit your official transcripts before we can accept you as a student. Please have them mailed to: PIHMA Registrar 301 E. Bethany Home Road, Suite A-100 Phoenix, AZ 85012 Electronic records can be emailed to